Chapter 2

My kids are American and yours are not!

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is hoping for an increase in Dominica’s population by over 40,000 births as a way to boost the country’s economy as he appeals to residents to “make more children.”

Roosevelt Skerrit’s propaganda speech is so hypocritical of his own beliefs and family morals that it is absurd. One has even to think that maybe Roosevelt Skerrit is experiencing early stages of Dementia.

Roosevelt Skerrit states, “I think, I need about 40,000 more people in Dominica. I am concerned about this one child, one child per home, that we have in Dominica. You know, Back in the days, you know, when we had no roads, we had no school, we had no this, no that, people were making 17 children, you know, and you have big people in love, you know, with a little child in their house, and a big house I, I, I mean, we have to fix that, you know!

“But we need people, I know people are preoccupied with a career and studying to obtain their master’s degrees and PHDs and all these things which are fine, but in between, you can have one or two children… “I know of couples who had two children in the same year, so I need for us to have a discussion on this; what kind of policies can the government put in place to encourage people to have more children?”

What Roosevelt Skerrit does not seem to be able to grasp is that our people of Dominic are livestock who just rand9omly have children without thinking about the seriousness of the event before and after birth.

No Roosevelt Skerrit, we are not “preoccupied with a career and studying to obtain their master’s degrees and PHDs” We as a country are not in a position finically, economically, and mentally to be just popping out children because you want us to!!!

The reason Dominica families do not have more children is that they can not afford to have them. People are not working, and they are not making money; they are live hand to mouth every day.

Will Roosevelt Skerrit feed and cloth these new family members introduced to Dominica that he thinks he deserves?

I think, I need about 40,000 more people in Dominica. “

Do you see how Roosevelt Skerrit talks like a dictator? He does not say – I think Dominica needs about 40,000 more people. He says, “I THINK I NEED…”

Besides this statement being bizarre, this whole conversation is not about what is best for Dominica. It is about Roosevelt Skerrit and what he wants.

Look at the population of these countries below, and still, their economies struggle worse than 75% of the world.

Populations don’t bring back economies; a good government does!

A poorly run governed country is what makes it a poor country!

  • Haiti – 11, 439, 646 residents
  • Jamaica – 2, 961, 167 residents
  • Mexico – 128, 932, 753 residents
  • Venezuela – 28, 435, 940 residents
  • Guyana – 786,552 residents

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) ranks the world’s countries according to purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita, which considers the relative cost of living and the countries’ inflation rates to compare living standards among the different nations.

Below is a list of the top 10 poorest Caribbean countries.

Dominica is listed as 3rd, behind Jamaica and Haiti. Even I was surprised by this. This is the result of a poorly run governed country!

Many, if not most of the world’s poorest countries in which governing institutions are weak if they exist, and who have leaders who genuinely don’t care about their people end up making this list of most impoverished countries.

The lack of effective governance in Dominica has led to a chain reaction that affects all our country’s facets. Many other countries on the list have had the misfortune of being ruled by leaders and governments who enriched themselves rather than their people’s lives.

The irony is that many of the badly-governed, most impoverished countries on Earth can be wealthy countries because they are teeming with resources like Dominica.

  • Natural Scenery
  • Arable land
  • Bananas
  • Livestock
  • Fishing
  • Minerals
    •  clay
    • sand
    • limestone
    • copper

So, Roosevelt Skerrit wanted everyone to have more children is nothing more than a coup against our people, which would further plummet our people into more hardships and challenging times.

Therefore placing the odds that more of our population would become even more dependent upon Roosevelt Skerrit and his elites’ government.

Roosevelt Skerrit wanting our people to have more children is nothing more than an attempt to stay in power through a silent and organized power grab.

Roosevelt Skerrit knows that his reign over the people of Dominica is coming to an abrupt end. That a next election victory is slim to none as everyone, from all political parties, parishes, ages, races, and sexes are hurting under Roosevelt Skerrit and his corrupt regime.

Believe it or not, the people of Dominica are getting tired of the greed and selfishness of Roosevelt Skerrit and his government of elites.

The day of reckoning is upon them as the people of Dominica begin to wake up and rise against this fake government for the people!

Roosevelt Skerrit hopes by convincing people to have more children, placing more hardship on families in Dominica. He hopes his new child in each household scheme will create a situation where families are becoming more dependent upon the government to maintain a home and feed their families.

An example would be making $50 a day ( for a family of 5 ), and you only need to make this $50 a day to survive. It works out that $10 per individual is enough for you to substance your current living conditions. You’re not getting ahead, but you’re not falling behind.

You do not require any assistance from Roosevelt Skerrit.

But with the new child, you now require $60 a day ( for your family of six ). You now need an extra $10 a day to feed and care for the new family member you don’t make.

Now you seek assistance from Roosevelt Skerrit and his government of elites in helping you to substance your current living conditions as you are slowly now falling behind in debt.

The number used is a bit of an exaggeration, but there are used to express the point. Roosevelt Skerrit wants you to live outside your means and acquiring debt. By having more children at this time, you will become dependent upon him and his government.

There is no doubt or argument that people who can take care of themselves and their families are more likely to vote. And they are more likely to take chances on new candidates when casting a ballot in an election.

The voter has nothing to lose, because no matter how bad or good the new candidate is. They can still carry the weight of their family without having to seek assistance from their government.

There is no argument that communities that are considered poor, with little education, high populations of children, and struggle families looking for work DO NOT VOTE!!!

These individuals types of individuals/families view voting as a waste of time. They give up on all hopes that the government will assist them in their current situation of hardship.

This is what Roosevelt Skerrit and his elite government are hoping and betting on. They want to continue making the situations even worse for so many smaller communities in Dominica, so the people just won’t be bothered to vote or don’t care who they vote for!

They stick with the devil they know.

And this is why Roosevelt Skerrit and his government of elites are not scared of the poor vote!

With that said, let us look at another exciting aspect of Roosevelt Skerrit’s “I THINK, I NEED…” propaganda speech.

Dmitry ( son left ) was born on Wednesday, November 27th, 2013
Isabella ( daughter right ) Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Now before everyone gets their hair into a frizzy. Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife, the mother of his two children Melissa Poponne-Skerrit have posted these same pictures and information all over Facebook and the internet for all to view and comment on. They have no privacy rights as they have placed this information out there in public for all to see and use. They willfully and deliberately placed their children’s information online for the public. They did not expect any privilege of privacy, period. With that said, let us continue.

These two fraud Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, act like they love Dominica so much that their hearts and souls live for Dominica. That there is no place better in the world to live. And yet they have these two children born in the United States of America!

Let us review and ponder this for a second.

The Prime Minister, yes Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, and wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, the Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency. Deliberately decided that they DID NOT WANT THEIR CHILDREN TO BE BORN UNDER THE DOMINICA FLAG.

The same flag that they work and double-dip using taxpayer’s dollars for their primary source of income. It is the same country, and under the same flag, they refuse to have their children in.

These Dominica Proud fakes fly to New York City, where Melissa Poponne-Skerrit then will give birth to BOTH of their children so they could be called American Citizenship and have American Passports.

Do you see how self-righteous that is? Do you understand what hidden message is being projected about Dominica and its people to the rest of the world?

Many will say that it is their right to do so. And yes, it is, but let us look at the circumstances.

These are not normal individuals. These two individuals hold positions of power in Dominica. One has the highest seat in the land.

And what makes it so disrespectful to our people is that this fraud Roosevelt Skerrit has the nerve to tell us to have MORE CHILDREN IN DOMINICA because he wants it!

Despite him and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit fleeing Dominica to give birth to their children, TWICE on foreign soil for no other reason than to secure their ability to leave Dominica when they are both finally kicked out of office!

According to Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, it is okay for the lower-income classed individuals of Dominica to have children in Dominica.

But do not expect these self-entitled clowns to do it! Instead, they will go to the United States of America to have their children. Why would someone of their level of excellency want to have Dominica children and be like the ordinary folks?

Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerri are nothing more than an opportunist who will manipulate the system to their advantage and use whatever means they can to better themselves and their children over the rest of our people.

It takes a lot of nerve to tell our people that you need more children born in Dominica, and you had two children born aboard because you did not want them to be Dominican born. WOW!!!!

You know what your parents always said growing up,

It appears that Roosevelt Skerrit’s actions do not reflect what she says.
That is because, with Roosevelt Skerrit, there are two sets of rules in Dominica.

He wants everyone else to play by a different set of rules than he and his wife do not play by!

And this folks sure looks like the actions of a dictator!

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