Chapter 5

A little extra cash for the Skerrit family while others are unemployed, hungry, and homeless.

The duties and responsibilities as Minister of Finance are;

  • To receive, secure, and account for all disbursements of public funds;
  • Release of funds to Ministries/Departments;
  • Issuance of a variety of licenses and permits;
  • Administration of legislation pertaining to the financial sector;
  • Determination of the format for presenting the annual estimates of revenue and expenditures.

Here we have two Labour Party Prime Ministers whose countries are riddled by scandal and are under investigation for issues directly relating to their country’s passports.

Here we also have to wives of these same two Prime Ministers taking seats away in their local government that would be commonly available for any resident to hold.

This means that Roosevelt Skerrit and Gaston Browne have their wives also working alongside them in government. Meaning that was as taxpayers are witnessing this unusual practice of a Prime Minister and First Wife

1 – Double dip into taxpayers funds to pay themselves, their family, and

2- Secure a second seat within the government to help vote for and pass ANY legislation that their husbands want to be passed.

Unlike some Labour Party members, it is not always in the same best interest to vote alongside the Prime Minister. The individual may be part of the same political party as the Prime Minister. Still, sometimes these Parlament Representatives do not vote along party lines because it is not in their constituents’ best interest. Therefore they vote differently than the majority of the party.

But with Roosevelt Skerrit and Gaston Browne having their wives Melissa Poponne-Skerrit and Vanessa Browne seat within their government. These wives are a guaranteed YES VOTE no matter how beneficial or not it is for their constituents that they are supposed to be representing.

Let us think about this? Who do you think Melissa Poponne-Skerrit cares more about

  • her husband, whom she has been married to since May 2013,
  • her husband, whom she has given birth to 2 children for,
  • her husband gives her an astonishing amount of wealth that she would have access to if she were not married to him,
  • her husband is a world leader who gives her access to foreign countries such as America, where she was able to deliver her children, who now will obtain American Passports.
  • Her husband encouraged her to use his name and party to gain a seat within the government over Dominica’s very own heart and soul and downtown district – Roseau Central.
  • Her husband, who is also Minister of Finance and funds any request that she makes without question.

Or does Melissa Poponne-Skerrit care more about some locals?

It is clear that every time that Melissa Poponne-Skerrit votes and agrees with her husband. It is in her interest to help her husband, Roosevelt Skerrit, succeed. Why? Because she and her children directly benefit from it, we also need to remember that her husband is her boss!

The same individual provides her with fame, wealth, and the ability to leave Dominica when they are removed from office!

Remember, you don’t get the same privileges and perks as a divorced wife to a world leader as you would if you were still married.

So we, as the taxpayers of Dominica, are paying this greedy husband and wife Dou two pay checks every month, so they can work in cohorts to help pass legislation that benefits their agenda.

People like the corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit and Gaston Browne stack the legislation with their family members to help them with their corrupt desires.

Another interesting situation is how Roosevelt Skerrit and Gaston Browne are also the Finance Ministers of their country and control all taxpayer money in their country. They are allowed to allocate money to whoever, whenever they want, as they have self-appointed themselves to this position.

Does this not seem like a conflict of interest to anyone? Think about all those big rallies Roosevelt Skerrit has during the election years. Where does that money come from? Public funds? The selling of Diplomatic Passports?

Roosevelt Skerrit ONLY makes approximately 60,000 XCD a year. And yet, he and his wife live like millionaires.