Chapter 4

“My father is one grandchild less because I buried her four years ago.” Monel Williams

In July 2017, The liar Roosevelt Skerrit had condemned using children in the political arena, especially social media.

During a town hall meeting, the liar Roosevelt Skerrit said that he has never used or called the name of any of his political challenger’s children during his rhetoric speeches in his time as a politician.

“I have been in active politics for seventeen years, and I HAVE NEVER GONE TO ATTACK AN OPPONENT’S FAMILY, NEVER BROUGHT THEIR CHILDREN INTO POLITICS. For us in the Labour Party Government that is a no-no, stay away from that…”

Let us flashback almost three years earlier to November 19, 2014, when Ms. Monelle Williams, a United Workers Party (UWP) candidate, was running for the St. Joseph constituency and had to be assisted off the stage at a UWP rally.

Ms. Monelle Williams broke down in tears in response to the statement made by the liar Roosevelt Skerrit during one of his Dominica Labour Party (DLP) rallies in Calibishie a week earlier.

The liar Roosevelt Skerrit stated that “If I had a daughter, ladies, and gentlemen, I would wish for her to one day be a Catherine Daniel, to be an Athenia Benjamin, to be a Nurse Charles or to be a Roselyn Paul. I WOULD DEFINITELY NOT WISH FOR MY DAUGHTER WISH FOR MY DAUGHTER TO BE A MONELL WILLIAMS BECAUSE I MIGHT END UP SHIRT A GRANDCHILD!”

You see the liar Roosevelt Skerrit, who now three years later unequivocally and without fear stated that he has “NEVER GONE TO ATTACK AN OPPONENT’S FAMILY, NEVER BROUGHT THEIR CHILDREN INTO POLITICS.” despite having made the previous ignorant reference about Ms. Monelle Williams having to bury her own child/baby.

NO MATTER your personal or political opinions on or about Ms. Monelle Williams. The liar Roosevelt Skerrit used sexist and adultism rhetoric that is unacceptable and far out of line.

Ms. Monelle Williams did not ask to lose her child, her baby! But the liar Roosevelt Skerrit decided that he would remind her and shame her for her most significant loss that ANY WOMAN can ever experience.

The liar Roosevelt Skerrit made this disgusting statement with only one intention in mind. And that was to try somehow to embarrass and shame Ms. Monelle Williams for losing her child/baby.

You know the saying – When People Show You Who They Are The First Time, Believe Them!

Well, there you go! Believe the words that came out of the liar Roosevelt Skerrit’s mouth the first time about how he feels towards a lady/female who lost their child/baby.

I wonder if Roosevelt Skerrit would have been so willing to smile and laugh at this ignorant comment if it had been directed towards his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit by another candidate?

You know the saying – When People Show You Who They Are The First Time, Believe Them!

Now let us fast forward to December 3, 2014, when the liar Roosevelt Skerrit finally decided to apologize for his extremely inappropriate, disgusting, mean-spirited, and unjustified comments against Ms. Monelle Williams.

It took the liar Roosevelt Skerrit exactly 2 weeks to finally “apologize” after his vicious and personal assault on Ms. Monelle Williams.

The liar Roosevelt Skerrit stated, “Last time I spoke in Calibishie, I made a statement which some of you were not happy about, and you indicated to me that you were not pleased with the statement I want to say to you tonight I withdraw that statement I made in Calibishie last week, and I wish to apologize to anyone of you who was offended by the statement, and I give the assurance henceforth you will not hear nothing like that from Roosevelt Skerrit again.”

Now there are two issues that need to be addressed at this time.

1 – Did you notice that the liar Roosevelt Skerrit did not apologize to Ms. Monelle Williams? On November 19, 2014, he was quick enough to call her out for her failure in having to bury her child/baby!

But Roosevelt Skerrit still did not think that she deserved the respect as a woman, mother, fellow Dominican, or fellow political candidate to be apologized to in public.

The liar Roosevelt Skerrit could not even make himself apologize to a woman who will now carry the life long title of a grieving mother because of what reason?

It is pretty evident that the liar Roosevelt Skerrit can not comprehend a woman’s plight in Dominica and in general.

It is clear that the liar Roosevelt Skerrit does not respect woman and their magnificent ability to bring life into this world.

And it is clear that the liar Roosevelt Skerrit has no regard for the struggle that women go through during their entire pregnancy and the significant amount of depression that comes when a woman loses her child/baby before or after birth, no matter what age.

The liar Roosevelt Skerrit did not apologize the next day, nor did he the day after that. It took the liar Roosevelt Skerrit exactly 14 days to finally apologize for a statement that he knew was wrong and inhumane the moment it came out of his mouth!

One has to wonder what type of morals was he raised with by his parents? A grown man who did not find inappropriately to insult a woman for having to bury her child/baby.

We have to assume that as he did not know then as an adult what he was doing at the time, then he must have never understood as a child. So is all this blame solely on Roosevelt Skerrit, or does it need to be shared with his parents too?

The liar Roosevelt Skerrit even freely admits that it is only because the “Last time I spoke in Calibishie I made a statement which some of you were not happy about and you indicated to me that you were not pleased with the statement.”

So Roosevelt Skerrit only decided to “withdraw that statement”  and “apologize to anyone of you who was offended by the statement.” because he was more worried about losing votes from the people who attended his rally than he was about the individual he directed his vicious and brutal attack upon.

Like the liar Donald Trump, the liar Roosevelt Skerrit is so morally corrupt that they are more worried about their base than the victims of their verbal assaults.


I guess he does not consider making vicious and mean comments about a fellow political candidate’s deceased child/baby to be part of an “ATTACK” on their family.

What about this magical statement from July 2017 by the lair Roosevelt Skerrit where he stated, “You will never hear me bringing in any parliamentarian’s children into politics in a negative way. If I have to mention their names, [it] is something positive and constructive I will have to say about these people,”

I guess he does not consider his November 19, 2014, cruel comments about a fellow female political candidate’s deceased child/baby to be bringing “children into politics in a negative way.”

The liar Roosevelt Skerrit is just that, a heartless liar and a morally corrupt individual like Mark Mark.

We all remember who Mark Marek is, thanks to this website. This is the Canadian individual who was living in Dominica, who was charged and convicted in Canada of being morally corrupt, was allowed to run his morally corrupt website out of Dominica.

Now let us address another issue about the liar Roosevelt Skerrit and his two weeks late apology.

Where was his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit during this two weeks?

As a woman herself and having children. One would think as a compassionate female that she would have been the first in line to make her husband, the liar Roosevelt Skerrit apologize for his offensive and cruel remarks immediately!

But apparently not, as it took the liar Roosevelt Skerrit fourteen days to finally address his narcissistic and sexist behavior when apologizing to his base and not directly to Monell Williams and her deceased child/baby.

We find it very hard to believe that if Melissa Poponne-Skerrit wanted her husband to apologize the very next day, that anything else would have happened other than the liar Roosevelt Skerrit apologizing.

It appears that for that two weeks, the liar Roosevelt Skerrit must have been pretty happy as he waited until his next DLP rally to address his sexist and ignorant behavior.

It is clear that the liar Roosevelt Skerrit was not taking any form of heat at home from his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit for his cruel statement.

The liar Roosevelt Skerrit loves to go on television and social media. But he decided not to find the time or find it necessary enough to reach out to Ms. Monel Williams to apologize before his next DLP rally.

Like Donald Trump, who also uses rallies to try and project himself as a good guy by correcting his own mistake that he created himself. The liar Roosevelt Skerrit Skerrit did the same thing fourteen days later.

Roosevelt Skerrit, this does not make you a good guy because you apologized. You don’t get to act like the hero to your base for doing what was morally required and appropriate. You don’t get to play the role of a saint for you correcting your own inappropriate and deliberate sexist behavior against a woman and her deceased child/baby!

It does not work that way!

Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, you don’t get to sit back and watch and say nothing for 2 weeks and then think that you did nothing wrong!

Melissa Poponne-Skerri, you choose your man over your fellow female who was disrespected and degraded by our man about her deceased child/baby!

Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, you deliberately stood in the shadows, said nothing, and watched it play out like a game.

And only when your husband/man was feeling pressure from his base did you then suggest he should apologize. An apology that was not direct to a fellow woman or her deceased child/baby.

Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, you had the power to correct this situation from the moment the words came out of your husband/man’s disgusting and lying mouth. But you did nothing, hoping it would go away and never be talked about again.

As the woman of the household, you hold all the power, and you refused to step up and correct your husband’s behavior! You sat by compliance, silent, and content with what he did. You turned your back on a fellow woman and her deceased child/baby for your political and finical gain!

Think about this, Melissa Poponne-Skerrit.

“The ultimate measure of a person is not where one stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where one stands in times of challenge and controversy.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is clear where you stood, Melissa Poponne-Skerrit on November 19, 2014. You are an opportunist, greedy and shameless woman!!!

Is this what Melissa Poponne-Skerrit considers putting People Before Politics?

The next issue we will touch on is when the liar Roosevelt Skerrit on July 2017 also spoke about his children’s names appearing in politics and social media. This, he described as being “a lack of decency.”

“Where is the decency? What does a three-year-old have to do with politics? What does a one-year-old have to do with politics? These people are not about representing people,”

Did the liar Roosevelt Skerrit forget about his cruel and indecent behavior from almost 3 years earlier when he verbally insulted and attacked Monel Williams and her deceased child/baby?

Or is the liar Roosevelt Skerrit deliberately hoping that the people of Dominica are so damn stupid that they forgot about his inexcusable sexist attack on Monel Williams and her deceased child/baby?

Roosevelt Skerrit, what does a dead child have to do with politics? What does a grieving mother have to do with politics?

Yes, Roosevelt Skerrit and Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, where was your decency back then?

It appears that Roosevelt Skerrit’s own words from November 2017, “These people are not about representing people,” have come home to roost!

This is the same family that puts their children all over social media as a tool when trying to promote their government duties on the same page.

These are not the personal Facebook pages of the liar Roosevelt Skerrit and his enabling wife, the unsympathetic Melissa Poponne-Skerrit.

These are Facebook accounts that they use to promote their government activities while on the job, doing government work.

So it is okay for them to use their children and other people’s children on social media. But DO NOT include their children in any political talk or on social media.

And that is what Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit are all about. They want to control the narrative, and they want to try to handle the situations with their self-pity, we are the victim. That social media, news outlets, and other political parties are picking on them for no reason.

According to them, the entire world is out to get them and their government for no reason.

Actions speak louder than words, Roosevelt Skerrit; actions speak louder than words!

What is also amazing is how Melissa Poponne-Skerrit shows up and speaks as a panelist to hundreds of women from across the Caribbean at the 2020 DisruptHer Virtual Women Empowerment Conference.

The same conference is designed to help women by sharing their stories, experiences, and expertise to inspire, motivate and educate other women to achieve more.

I guess Melissa Poponne-Skerrit forgot to speak about her disgusting husband’s Roosevelt Skeritt’s sexist behavior and her lack of willingness to correct her husband’s ignorant behavior with his vicious attack against Monel Williams and her deceased child/baby for their own personal and political gain!

One has to wonder how desperate the 2020 DisruptHer Virtual Women Empowerment Conference must have been for speakers if they were willing to allow the hypocrite Melissa Poponne-Skerrit to represent their cause?

Because we have to believe that they deliberately did not allow the hypocrite Melissa Poponne-Skerrit to speak on their behalf knowing what she has allowed her husband to do in the past!