Chapter 9

Dominica’s ONLY State College

As it has been some time since the last post, we decided that we needed to start being more vigilant in reporting the severe and deliberate neglect by Roosevelt Skerrit and his government of thieves against the people of Dominica.

Recently we came across a video on Facebook in regards to Dominica’s ONLY State College. The video was upload by EmoNews, a resident who accurately reports everything that goes on here in Dominica.

This fantastic reporting shows the horrible and unacceptable learning conditions students have to endure for the past three years while attending Dominica’s ONLY State College.

And despite Roosevelt Skerrit’s failed attempts to try and intimidate EmoNews with Police presence, claiming that EmoNews was required to leave the protest and had no right to be there.

While ignoring the Police presence, they continued to report what was happening with the teachers and staff protest about the College’s poor and unsafe conditions.

EmoNews exposes on Facebook how Roosevelt Skerrit has deliberately spent the last three years doing absolutely nothing to better the learning environment and education system for Dominica’s youth.

The Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, has done nothing but make himself wealthier off the people of Dominica from all of the money that has been given to Dominica for the people as aid since Hurricane Maria in 2017.

During these past three years, not only has Roosevelt Skerrit ignored the horrific learning and working conditions at Dominica’s ONLY State College.

Roosevelt Skerrit has managed to move himself and his family out of official and long-used Priminister Redisidents and into his brand new, oversized mansion that now cost the people of Dominica $64,000 XCD (or the equivalent of $24,000 USD ) a month.

This bizarre and selfish amount of funds is just for rent per month; this does not include extra costs such as security, staff, maintenance, food, travel. This is just rent alone!

There are also rumblings that this same brand new mansion that Roosevelt Skerrit and his family have moved into is actually owned by them.

This is the type of people Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit are. They are selfish, ignorant, heartless, and unrelenting thieves whose only concern is their children.

Watching the EmoNews video and the pictures taken below. You begin to understand and see that children are learning in classrooms that do not have ceilings or roofs.

Some bathrooms are unfit for use, class floors that are at best a hazard! There is bird feces and urine in the classrooms, along with dirt and mold.



Agriculture Class



For the past three years, Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit have ignored Dominica’s State College and the many health and safety issues of the students who attend it.

But you see, their kids don’t attend Dominica State College, so why would they care?

From three years earlier, this is the same State College that Roosevelt Skerrit promised to rebuild and make better than before.

What is even more fascinating about this story is that the Parliamentary Representative for Roseau Central, Melisa Poponne-Skerrit has made no attempts to better the situation for the College.

But she did build three playing courts only 200 meters away on the other side of the Windsor Park Foreground.

Let us remember that Roosevelt Skerrit is the Minister of Finance, and he okayed the money to support his wife’s dream of placing these three courts out of reach of the children in her constituency.

Yes, you read it right. Children can not access these same three courts that Melissa Poponne-Skerrit had built because they are tightly locked up with a padlock, behind a fence, inside the National Stadium area and can not be used locally by the children for recreational play.

They are just another symbol of the selfish Melissa Poponne-Skerrit’s desire to continue to try and promote her lie of “People Before Politics” rhetoric/bullshit!

Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, does a falling apart, unsafe and environmental hazard Dominica State College sound like “People Before Politics”?

The fantastic and hard-working teachers and staff of Dominica’s State College have finally had enough of the thief Roosevelt Skerrit and his band of government thieves and finally decided to protest and expose the world what was going on in their school.

When Roosevelt Skerrit was questioned about this situation and the protesting of teachers and staff, He ignorant replied that it was not his or the government’s responsibility to maintain Dominica’s ONLY State College!

Mystelics Reacts, another great Dominica activist for the rights of the people here in Dominica. Did a reaction video of this exact response and broke it down, showing the ignorants and callous behavior by Roosevelt Skerrit.

This is how absurd and arrogant Roosevelt Skerrit has become. The fact that Roosevelt Skerrit believes that he and his corrupt government are not responsible for the education system in Dominica is mind-boggling.

That replacing the roof of a classroom is not a Government priority. The school and its students were wrong because they did not move the extremely heavy machine to some magical area to be protected from the elements.

Maybe Roosevelt Skerrit thinks that the teachers, staff, and students should have picked up the machines and placed them in their own homes until he and his government decided to get around to fixing the classroom roofs sometime in the far future.

Maybe year four after Hurricane Maria will be a better year for Dominica State College, and they will finally get the repairs needed to allow the students to learn new skills and trades again?

What will Roosevelt Skerrit say next that he and his government are not responsible for maintaining Dominica’s State Prison? That it is up to staff and inmates to maintain the facilities like the College?

Roosevelt Skerrit is a true dictator, an actual piece of shit that needs to be removed immediately! He and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit’s deliberate ignorance about Dominica State College is a form of abuse against children.

Deliberately withholding funds and attempts to repair the College is their attempt to deny the children the ability to move forward and do better for themselves and their families.

Roosevelt Skerrit and Melissa Poponne-Skerrit unequivocally would certainly have working bathrooms, even floors, no bird shit and mold on the whiteboards, and most of all, no environmental hazards at any school their children attend!

But again, their children don’t and won’t ever attend Dominica State College! So it is okay with them that our children learn in this environment because their children won’t have to!

Roosevelt Skerrit and Melissa Poponne-Skerrit need to resign or be thrown in jail for their deliberate attempts to abuse people’s children.

And for any individual who continues to support these two child abusers, you are as much of the problem and guilty of these same offenses against the children as they are!

By supporting Roosevelt Skerrit and his greedy wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, you support individuals who are, without any doubt or argument, playing politics with our child’s future, maybe even your children’s future, and education.

What chance in life does any child have when they’re refused education, and as a result, they are uneducated?

Children attending Dominica State College are learning in some of the worst conditions possible. Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrithas made Dominica the New Haiti of the Caribbean with new levels of poverty, lack of education, lack of tourism, and lack of infrastructure. And the worse thing about this is that there is no need for this!

Dominica is considered the Gem of the Caribbean, one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, the most beautiful people who are intelligent, devoted, and friendly.

As a Roosevelt Skerrit supporter, if you cannot see and understand what is going on in Dominica, you have placed Politics over People. Then you need to seriously question your moral values.

This situation here in Dominica is not about politics. This is not about one party over another. IT IS about the suffering of the Dominica people, no matter what party they support.

Freedom Party, Progressive Party, Labour Party, United Workers, People’s Democratic Movement, or the People’s Party of Dominica.

Everyone from every party is suffering because Roosevelt Skerritt does not care about the party, nor does he care about anyone other than himself and his family and corrupt government.

We have said this before, the people of Dominica have become so dependant on Roosevelt Skerrit and his corrupt government of thieves that they’re willing to cast a vote in his favor for a trinket or reward.

That is not the way politics is supposed to work, and this is why Roosevelt Skerrit is now in court facing charges of election treating.

It is time for you to seriously sit back, review Dominica’s situation, review your own living conditions, review what you expect Dominica to be and become, and realize where the problem starts.

Dominica deserves much better than this. Dominica should be one of the top tourist attractions in the Caribbean, like the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Antigua, and Barbuda, our sister Islands St Lucia.

Not a single Caribbean island can offer anything that Dominica can not. Dominica has much more to offer than many other highly successful Caribbean tourist islands, and yet here we sit, poor struggling and defeated.

While Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit waste taxpayer’s money on projects that children can’t even use and live in a $24,000 USD a month mansion suspected to be already owned by them.

Remember, they went abroad to have their children, securing American citizenship for their children. Why do you think they did this? What do you think Roosevelt’s Skerrit and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit are going to do when they are elected out of office?

Mark my words, they will move to the United States of America and put Dominica and all of the troubles they have caused behind them.

And if you refuse to put the pieces of this puzzle together, and you refuse to believe this will happen, then you deserve what you get. The unfortunate part is that you also drag down everyone who has seen the light!

It is time for Dominica to uprise, stand up, protest, and be heard. Demand change, demand that Roosevelt Skerrit immediately resign because he and his wife Melissa Poponne-Skerrit have made sure to secure their children’s future in America and have deliberately chosen to ignore and deny our children in Dominica any future.

Children over Politics!!!