Chapter 8

Dominica’s call out for help with how to get tourism.

It is clear now that Roosevelt Skerrit and his Government of Elites have no idea how to bring tourism to Dominica since 2004.

Recently on the official Government of Dominica website, they posted a vacancy for a Product Development Consultant, which they want to consult with on bringing tourism to Dominica.

Essentially they are desperate and are asking for help in figuring out how to improve Dominica’s economy via tourism.

Since Roosevelt Skerrit assumed office on January 08, 2004, he and his Government of Elites still have no clue how to increase Dominica’s tourism.

Go and review the Visitor Statistics Report available on the official Government of Dominica website. You will notice a common term that appears over and over in these reports.

“decline in stay over visitation.”

After 17 years, Roosevelt Skerrit still has no idea how to get visitors to stay over. Yet, he is encouraging individuals to build resorts that he and his Government are unable to fill.

These Visitor Statistics Reports are mostly cruise ship visitors and not airport arrivals.

Tourism is not just about who shows up at your pier for a few hours and then leaves. This type of tourism only benefits the local merchants in downtown Roseau.

Tourism should be about tourists staying for a week(s), getting out and shopping, and buying for merchants and individuals outside of just the downtown core area.

Overnight tourism has been almost non-existent in Dominica for a very long time. Individuals arriving via aircraft are 99% of the time Dominica individuals returning home to visit with family and friends or take care of other personal matters. 

Aircraft arriving in Dominica ARE NOT filled with tourists looking to stay days or even weeks to explore the island and experience the people.

And as a result of this, some people in Dominica have become so dependant upon Roosevelt Skerrit that they remind me of a cult that will blindly follow their leader into drinking his Kool-Aid.

This brings me to the Ministry of Tourism, International Transport, and Maritime Initiatives, Denise Charles. I don’t personally know her, but it is pretty clear that, like Roosevelt Skerrit, she is out of her element. This is evident by their pleas for a Product Development Consultant.

One has to wonder what are her qualifications to hold such a position within the Government? I wonder what related experience and education she holds concerning Tourism, International Transport, and Maritime Initiatives?

It appears that this was just another gifted position by Roosevelt Skerrit for a loyal Roosevelt Skerrit follower who is willing to drink the Kool-Aid for him.

There are many tried, tested, and true ways to bring tourism to Dominica. Compare almost any other island in the Caribbean to Dominica. They have far more tourism, far more established, and have better economies with a better standard of living than Dominica; then Roosevelt Skerrit’s genuinely laughable $1 Billion in Reserves.

I could make some great suggestions to increase Dominica’s tourism, but I will not help this Government in their corrupt and morally depraved behavior.

Unfortunately, because there is still a tiny pocket of uneducated or just plain ignorant Roosevelt Skerrit followers in Dominica, anyone wishing to help Dominica has to keep their suggestions to themselves until Roosevelt Skerrit is removed from office.

There is no doubt or argument that Dominica’s political problems have always been that individuals do not vote by the candidate; they vote by the party! And that is a MISTAKE!!!

With that said, many more Dominican individuals will have to suffer at the hands of the few loyalists because they refuse to accept that their leader Roosevelt Skerrit is a greedy and self-righteous Priminister who only looks out for his family, friends, and loyalist.

It is such a shame because I would love nothing more than to assist and watch Dominica’s tourism grow from its non-existence since 2004 to a thriving industry where EVERYONE in Dominica could benefit from it. But as long a the thief Roosevelt Skerrit and his Government of Elites are in power, my suggestions will have to stay with me.