This website was not created for money, nor out of revenge! It was created to inform my people of Dominica about our Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and all of the corruption that has plagued his political career since being elected in 2004.

I have watch Dominica sink further and further behind over the years in comparison to other Caribbean islands and I am tired of it!

I am tired of watching families struggle. I am tired people living hand to mouth. I am tired of watching the elite Roosevelt Skerrit and his government get rich while people suffer at their hands.

  • I want you to the review this website and put aside all political affiliations.
  • I want you to review this website as a Dominica citizen.
  • I want you to review this website as an independent, neutral person and allow the information to really sink home, so you can really understand that ONLY YOU are suffering and not the elites like Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabinet.

No political party is worth supporting when they themselves do not care about you and your family. The elites like Roosevelt Skerrit and his government have for years benefited finically while EVERYONE ELSE has to struggle to get by.

Take the information given to you in this website and really put it into context and understand how it really relates to you and the real world.

The real world were our Dominica people are hurting, and just ask yourself if this is right and is it fair?

And if you think it is fair that the elites like Roosevelt Skerrit, his family and his government get the best of everything. While the people struggle to make sure that they at least have a little something intheir possession verses having nothing at all.

Then you, yourself must be an elite or your have something to gain by this greedy behavior by Roosevelt Skerrit and his government.

Because NO ONE willfully wants to struggle to survive and no one wants to work their asses off to make a few dollars while Roosevelt Skerrit, his family and his entire Cabinet on October 14, 2020 go on a Northern tour of the Dominica.

Visiting the Residency in Cotton Hill, CANA Heritage Site in Capuchin and ended the tour with lunch at the popular – Keeping it Real Restaurant. Eating lobster, shrimp, fish while drinking alcohol and wasting bottles of water just because it is lunch!

Remember this meal was not FREE, it was paid for via our tax dollars!!!

Look at all the big ear to ear grins on everyone’s faces and plenty of waste going on at the same time. It appears that everyone is enjoying themselves and having a AMAZING TIME on regular hard working folks money!

When is the last time you had a buffet like this and it was FREE?

This what Roosevelt Skerrit likes to do with Dominica tax payers money! This is the type of lifestyle that these elites live while the have-not’s have to figure out how to make it through until tomorrow. This is what selfishness and greed look like!

And ONLY those who benefit from it, would see nothing wrong with it!

We do this website anonymously as to prevent Roosevelt Skerrit and his government from trying to shut it down or intimidate or seek revenge upon our families and friends.

Roosevelt Skerrit is most certainly scared of what this website will have to offer, despite what he says. This website and all the information contain therein, is going to put it all out there for everyone to see and read.

Roosevelt Skerrit will no longer be able to sit back and watch as his corrupt actions are sweep under the rug and forgotten about by his elite Cabinet. It will now all be together on one website for all to have access to, read and understand.

Because this site is anonymous, it does not make it any less valid. Our goal is to expose the truth, political parties aside and rid Dominica of these elites.

We here do not support any other parties and never will. This is about helping ONLY Dominica and no one’s political career.

As it stands right now, there is absolutely NO Candidate in Dominica that is worth supporting. Time for new and younger faces with new ideas!!!

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